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Episode #18 – Minimalism

In this episode we are going to explore the meaning of a minimalist life, possible reasons why we choose or don’t choose such a path and how far we might walk it. Links to sources we mention in this podcast: The film “Minimalism – A Documentary About The Important Things” Website Becoming Minimalist Website The...

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Episode #17 – Connection and Intimacy

Connection and intimacy is an ongoing conversation between our selves and the world inside and outside of ourselves. Vernice and Adi take you on a journey of how this kind of conversation might look like. We might connect with someone through the portals of their eyes. Shared vulnerability is involved and intimacy can easily turn...

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Episode #16 – Authenticity

In this episode Vernice and Adi talk about authenticity, explore their own understanding and experience of it, why it is important to them and in what ways authenticity is connected to values and purpose. Links to sources we mention in this podcast: Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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Episode #15 – Depression

In this episode Vernice and Adi talk about depression, the seemingly increasing number of people who struggle with depression, the surfacing of more and more personal stories about depression from famous people we wouldn’t expect them to have similar struggles. They share their personal experiences with it and also some ideas of how they dealt...

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Episode #14 – Vernice and Adi Reconnect

After 7 months of absence from podcasting Vernice and Adi reconnect and talk about their experiences and learnings of the past months since January. They discuss the challenge of giving all of your heart to someone who is crushing their bike in slow motion. They talk about the loss and the upside that can come...

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Episode #13 – Part 3 with Andres Fossas

This is the final part of our trilogy of Adult Stages of Development with our insightful guest Andres Fossas. In this episode we go deeper in our exploration and discussion of forms of mind. We are going to look at the Self-authored and the Self-transforming mind. Andres is a constructive-developmental psychologist and mixed-methods researcher. His...

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Episode #12 – 2017 Year End Reflection with Adi Breuer and Vernice Jones

This is the last episode of this year and we take the opportunity to reflect on our experience of 2017. We talk about our biggest challenges, best food, most inspiring moments, most interesting book we read, and much more. Come along and join us.

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Episode #11 – Part 2 with Andres Fossas

This is part 2 of our journey together with our exciting guest Andres Fossas. In this episode we start looking into the theory of Adult Stages of Development and explore how and why understanding this theory and the various models in use may help us in living a good life. Andres is a constructive-developmental psychologist...

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